In 2014, 49 North partnered with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) to help transition workers slated to lose their jobs upon the closure of the Australian unit of General Motors. 

Client Goals

Bolster the well-being of the workforce during the transition in order to maintain productivity

Increase worker capacity for re-employment

Achieve better mental and physical health outcomes for workers and their families during the transition 

Our Approach

Over a three-year period leading up to the layoffs, 49 North trained factory workers responsible for instructing their colleagues on resilience skills. 

Our team also provided instructional support for company leadership as they discussed implementation issues and supported the training team.


Service members who participated in the resilience training program reported better outcomes than service members who did not.

Substantiated outcomes included:

- Notable improvement in behavioral issues in the workplace and a reduction in disciplinary actions

- Increased engagement from the workforce, including reduced absenteeism and lost time due to injury over a 14-month period

- Improved communication (reported by workers) with colleagues and overall a more positive outlook after the training

These results were reportedly sustained three months later. The benefits of our resilience training are not only proven, they are instantaneous and widely applicable. Approximately 95% of those who participated in our family resilience retreats said they used the skills they learned during training in their personal or professional lives within one week after the session. 


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