Mental Armor Training 

This resilience training is designed to help first responders, military, and others in high stress operational environments learn foundational skills and strategies to reduce operational stress, sharpen situational awareness, and promote adaptability and effective problem-solving.

Sample Curriculum - Helping your team:

Recognize burnout and signs of emotional struggle 

Connect with personal values as a means for renewal

Improve motivation and coping skills

Improve ability to see challenges as opportunities for growth

Reduce stress and enhance wellbeing

Increase flexibility and adaptability to change

Build supportive relationships

Improve the ability to remain calm and engaged under pressure

We identify what you or your organization needs. We do this by listening to your goals for well-being, motivations for building resilience, and expectations for the process.

We assess your team’s well-being and resilience. We establish a baseline measure that allows us to address gaps and strengthen your existing resources.

We customize your plan of action. We do this by creating tools to improve resilience, performance, focus, and collaboration. Our training and online products increase effectiveness.

We evaluate changes over time and provides real-time feedback on progress.

Our Process


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Resilient Healthcare Training 

Designed to help healthcare teams:

Recognize burnout and compassion fatigue

Strengthen problem- solving

Increase flexibility and adaptability

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Resilient Workplaces Training 

Designed to help workplaces:

Improve creative problem-solving

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Strengthen decision-making

Foster teamwork

Resilient Military Families Training 

Designed to help your familiy:

Strengthen communication skills

Increase positive coping strategies

Improve problem-solving

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Needs Assessment

Custom Design

Group exercises

instructor toolkit

technical assistance

powerful analysis


We offer a full spectrum of options for teams of all sizes

• Half-day seminars

• One-day seminars

• Two-day seminars 

• Five-day train the trainer program

• E-courses: videos on demand

• Webinars

Resilient Schools Training 

Designed to help educators:

Develop self-discipline and a growth mindset

Cultivate positive emotions

Establish healthy peer relationships

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Resilient Leaders Training 

Designed to help leaders:

Strengthen communication skills

Increase positive coping strategies

Improve problem-solving

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