We make it possible for people to get the most out of life. By providing them with concrete tools and skills to manage adversity, we elevate our students to a place of strength, adaptability, and success. As we positively impact our students they in turn are able to positively impact their families, workplaces, and communities.

We Know What You Need

We teach the science of neuroplasticity and how to use it for personal and professional benefit. We focus on how our cognitive and emotional patterns drive our behavior - harnessing proven techniques for forward thinking which strengthens mental toughness, even in the face of setbacks.

Resilient Thinking

We examine core values and define priorities in order to cultivate positive thinking and stimulate grit during times of adversity and change.

Navigating Adversity & Change 

We focus on building and strengthening relationships - a critical ingredient for resilience. We teach skills vital for supporting colleagues, friends, and family in times of challenge and joy. In addition, we examine patterns that sabotage relationships and replace them with healthy, practical skills that promote connection.

Building Social Connections

We tackle big-picture questions: How do we create meaning? How can we connect to a sense of purpose? How do we define our strengths and core values? We transform the answers to these questions into applicable skills which enable participants to improve their ability to achieve goals and celebrate accomplishments.

Purposeful Living

The Nuts & Bolts





49 North IDENTIFIES what you or your organization needs. We listen to your goals for well-being, motivations for building resilience, and expectations for the process.  

49 North ASSESSES individual and organizational well-being and resilience. We establish a baseline measure that allows us to address gaps and strengthen your existing resources.

49 North CUSTOMIZES your plan of action. We create tools to improve resilience, performance, focus, and collaboration. Our training and online products increase effectiveness.

49 North EVALUATES changes over time and provides real-time feedback on progress.

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