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April 27, 2018

Real Resolutions: Continuing to make progress

In our series on values-based goals, we’ve focused on identifying how your values shape your goals, living your best self, and charting your course to reach those goal.  Last week, we focused on overcoming obstacles.  As a final step, think of ways that you can ‘trip over’ your goals.  This may be sharing your goals with others to build a support network (and those helpful friends who will give you a nudge when needed!).  We’ve had folks share their goals on social media so their friends will occasionally reach out and give them encouragement.  One of our training team members used to have an empty frame hanging in his office as a reminder of where he wanted to hang his degree.  It was a daily reminder of his goal and what he was working towards.

Making progress on those small 24-hour subgoals will start building momentum towards your larger goals and helping you live out the values you identified.  But, remember to revisit your goals as needed.  We recommend a regular practice where you revisit those short-term goals, or set new 24-hour goals.  You may find that the goal feels less important, or no longer reflects what you value any longer.  If so, you can always redirect, reframe, or disregard your goal.  Just make sure that the goals reflect your values and who you want to be.




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